The Walking Dead Just Did Its Game Of Thrones Finale (SPOILER UPDATE)

The Walking Dead Just Did Its Game Of Thrones Finale (SPOILER UPDATE)

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The most recent Game Of Thrones season saw death from all sides, including that of a major character.

Today’s Walking Dead #144 by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard does the same, and there will be lots of shock and lots of spoilers and lots of rage.

But it’s possible that something else may get lost in the mix, that is central to the character of Alpha. Who, after telling Rick that his attempts to build a mockery of civilisation is worthless and the xobie apocalypse has given them the opportunity to be free, hidden amongst the dead, is confronted with the revelation from Carl that Alpha’s daugter Lydia is regularly raped by the other men of her troop – without objection.


Because for me, it wasn’t the deaths that knocked me for six when reading this issue. It was the attutude of a mother changed by the current situation, so utterly, so radicaly, into something completely foreign and in her mind necessary. To the extent that even she has to realise it.


“The Walking Dead”, as ever, describes the living survivors far more than the undead, but I don’t think that’s quite ever been as true as this week’s issue. Just as the most recent season of Game Of Thrones, may this issue end up being remembered for something else?

UPDATE: Oh all right, all right you people are never satisfied. Here’s your Jon Snow moment…


Comics courtesy of Yesteryear Comics, San Diego, with Johnnie Christmas doing a signing today.

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