The Women And Men Of Bleeding Cool At SDCC ’15

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We’ll be at San Diego Comic Con this week… so forgive us if Tuesday is a little on the slow side as we are all in wi-fi-deprived airlines…. but if you are at the show, keep an ey out for us! And come say hello!

HMSEIC at Bleeding Cool, Hannah Means-Shannon has survived until her 3rd SDCC, but will she survive her 3rd SDCC? The convention convinced her to pursue a career in pop culture through its sheer madness and the madness it inspired in others. Somehow she doubts this year will lose the faith. Find her hosting two Bleeding Cool panels, covering many others by Liveblog and generally seeking the Holy Grail of doing more than seems possible in one convention. She holds the keys to the free t-shirts, so if you see her, brag about how many years you’ve been reading Bleeding Cool to increase the odds of becoming a walking billboard.

bleedRich Johnston is Head Writer of Bleeding Cool, and has been reporting on comics online for 23 years this year, longer than anyone else in the world. You can find him contributing to two Bleeding Cool panels. If you see him, say hi. He promises not to bite.

MBrittanyMichele Brittany is an independent popular culture scholar and semi-professional photographer and editor of James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy (McFarland & Company) as well as the forthcoming book Essays on Space Horror in Films, 1950s – 2000s. Read her reviews and analysis on the spy/espionage and space horror genres via her blogs at Spyfi & Superspies and Space Horror Films. Follow Michele on Twitter: @mcbrittany2014.

Hilton Collins loves sci-fi and fantasy entertainment in all genres. By day, he’s a (mostly) mild-mannered writer and video producer. By night, he’s… well… the same thing—24 hours a day of nerd awesomeness. Follow him on Twitter at: @HiltonCollins to see what he’s up to.

20140501_143615Cameron Hatheway has been attending Comic-Con since 2002, contributing to Bleeding Cool since 2012, and more recently toBleeding Cool Magazine issues 16-18. He’s been the host of both Cammy’s Comic Corner and Geeky Talky comic book podcasts since 2007. You can reach him on Twitter @CamComicCorner where he’s usually found tweeting vulgar pick-up lines to Chris Thompson.

merakiprofileshotIan Mageto is the Senior Cosplay Correspondent of Bleeding Cool. He’s your guide to all things cosplay.  Come say hi, you can’t miss him as he is always wearing that infamous bear hat and sunglasses.  See his work at @merakiexpo

20140724_071344Joe Glass is a comics creator and fan. Being as queer as the day is long, he tends to write the sporadic Tales from the Four Color Closet articles for the site, among others. He is the writer and creator of The Pride, a LGBTQ superhero team book, and co-writer of Stiffs, a horror comedy series set in Wales. The Pride #1 was listed as one of the Top 25 Comixology Submit Titles of 2014, and as such, he’ll actually be on the Comixology Submit panel on Saturday at SDCC, between trying to cover as much of the con as possible. When not writing comics, writing about comics or working the day job, Joe spends his time being deeply frustrated by Batman: Arkham Knight, finding that one can indeed “be the Batman” should Batman be prone to smashing his car through every wall in Gotham, and sometimes on his head.

msangregorioMike Sangregorio is a lifelong fan of comics. He is from New York. This is fifth trip to SDCC but his first with Bleeding Cool. He is a frequent convention goer and loves coffee.

FullSizeRenderFrazer Brown is an award winning Filmmaker and Theatre Producer based in London and Los Angeles. He has been a full-time geek since 1988 when he picked up his first american comic (The Amazing Spider-Man issue 320 for completists). Frazer has been attending events internationally for Bleeding Cool since 2012. You will see him in the role of videographer and Photographer for most of the weekend armed with his trusty Canon camera. Twitter: @frazerbrown Instagram: frazerbrown

Photo on 7-5-15 at 8.14 PM #2This will be Will Romine‘s sixth SDCC.  In that time, he’s dutifully brought you faithful coverage from Hall H to the line to get the ticket to win a chance to purchase the exclusive that will be available on the vendor’s site the day after.  This year, he will be dressed as both Bat-Mite and the Batman of Zurr-en-Arrhh.  If you see him, don’t be shy.  Ok, maybe be a little shy.  He’s getting married in a few months and doesn’t want to have to explain any misunderstandings to his bride-to-be.

peterssvenssonbcshotPeter S. Svensson has been covering SDCC for Bleeding Cool longer than anyone whose name doesn’t rhyme with Itch Bronston. No longer managing a comic shop in San Jose, he is looking for new job opportunities for someone who knows way too much about comics. When not rapidly transcribing panels, he helps run the Official Power Morphicon, the sanctioned Power Rangers convention, because he is that much of a geek. Peter will be competing in the Pro/Fan Trivia Contest alongside his fellow Black Ink Irregulars against the Purple Pros (Mark Waid, Len Wein and Anthony Tollin) at 4:00 PM Sunday, and invites everyone to see him in hilarious trivia action. But seriously. Job offers. Talk to me.

unnamed (3)Joshua Stone has been collecting comics since before most of you we’re born. He is a husband and a father of two boys, who somehow still finds time to love these nerdy things, and still keep his job as a civilian. This is Josh’s fourth year covering SDCC for Bleeding Cool. If you see Josh wandering around with a lost look on his face, it’s probably just that even though this is his 13th SDCC, the place still amazes him. Unless he really is lost. Either way, you can follow him on Twitter @1Nerdyone, just don’t follow him around the convention hall, he has enough problems in life without having a stalker.

Dan Celko PicDan Celko is a geek by birth and a nerd by choice. Over the years he has collected a multitude of job descriptions under his belt resulting in a self-proclaimed jack-of- all-trades status. However he has come to SDCC for the second time with Bleeding Cool to do the two things he loves most: Playing video games and writing about said video games. You can expect Dan to be giving you as much gaming coverage as he can muster at SDCC and to tell you what he thinks about them. Feel free to talk all things nerdy and gaming with him on Twitter @RadicalDann

image2Kirk Staley is a hearing impaired reporter, with seventeen years of experience attending San Diego Comic Con – San Diego is his home town. He will be covering DC Comics TV shows and Marvel TV shows.

patrick willems press photoPatrick Willems used to make videos for Bleeding Cool, until eighteen months ago when he disappeared into the wilds of the internet. Now he’s back, unable to resist the siren song of San Diego. He’ll be shooting videos of varying degrees of silliness and trying to weasel his way into those fancy invite-only Hollywood parties.Follow him at @patrickhwillems and watch his videos here.

10262031_10202931752248831_5839233291837398517_nAlex Wilson dropped out of cub scouts at an early age after he refused to sell popcorn for “the man.” Since then his life has entered into a downward spiral. He lives in the sinful world of comic books, folk punk, and seedy tattoo shops. You can find him bare-knuckle boxing to pay his rent or tweeting about Teen Wolf on his Twitter, @mralexwilson.

Abdulkareem Baba AminuAbdulkareem Baba Aminu is a newspaper editor, award-winning journalist and comic book creator. Based in Nigeria, the writer has reviewed comics, novels, movies and music for a variety of platforms. He is currently the Editor of the Saturday edition of the Daily Trust, one of the most influential newspapers in his country.

Also attending are Jason Strangis, Chris Thompson, Joseph Schmidt, Daniel Celko, Octavio Karbank and Alex Roberts.

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