New Avengers Brings You The Avengers Idea Mechanism From Al Ewing And Gerardo Sandoval #MarvelOctober (UPDATE x2)


Today, we have a lot of Marvel news coming through about their All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch in October.

Such as the relaunch of New Avengers in October. Featuring Hulkling, Songbird, Hawkeye, Sunspot, new-look Black Widow and Wiccan – as Avengers Idea Mechanics. Not the usual think tank you might usually associate with AIM. Does Songbird appearing here mean no Thunderbolts and a different role for Citizen V?

The tagline? "Avengers Idea Mechanics. We AIM to help."

UPDATE: Another source gets in touch. That's not Black Widow, it's Squirrel Girl…

UPDATE x2: 4chan has the image. And some real bigoted anger. So Marvel are probably doing the right thing then.


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