Monster Hunter X Is Launching In Japan This Year

Monster Hunter X Is Launching In Japan This Year

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As hard as I try, I really just can’t get on with Monster Hunter. That’s a shame because I really want too, as there is clearly some great design hidden in those games. Sadly, I don’t quite have the friends who play it, which I hear is the optimal way to experience the title. I also think that is why the game hasn’t caught on in the same way it has in Japan.

The franchise sales like gangbusters in the East though, which is why in today’s Japan only Nintendo Direct, the announcement that Monster Hunter X is coming for the 3DS has been huge. The game is slated to come out in Japan in Winter 2015, but there was no mention of a western release yet though. Monster Hunter 4 took about a year and a half to cross the seas though, so expect a similar time frame I’d wager.

Check out the trailer here. Despite not loving the games, the creature designs do continue to wow me. There is some very inventive stuff in this trailer:

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