Rumour: LEGO Working On A Minecraft Competitor With Tt Games

Rumour: LEGO Working On A Minecraft Competitor With Tt Games

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Many have likened Minecraft to a new age LEGO set as it allows for the same things that made the toy so great to begin with. Creativity, imagination and fun. It’s an easy comparison too as the simple idea of having blocks and bending them to your imagination is inherent to both things.

Well, it looks like LEGO might be trying to create something to compete with Minecraft directly now too. An image of a flier has been posted on the Eurobricks forum, showing something that looks like it could be built on similar tenants to Minecraft. The flier seemingly confirms that Tt Games are Warner Brothers are working on the project called LEGO Worlds.


…if it is real. There has been no mention of this game yet in any official capacity, and fliers seem like a weird way to announce a game in this day and age. Also, with LEGO Dimensions coming out later this year, I don’t see where this fits in on Tt’s schedule.

I’m 50/50 on the authenticity of this one. The idea makes a lot of sense and in some way, I’m shocked it doesn’t exist already. At the same time, the evidence seems a bit janky without more context. Perhaps we will hear word at E3 if this does prove to be true.

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