The Bleed 2.19: Reading Chuck Austen’s Uncanny X-Men With Matt Burke Of Biker Mice From Mars

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt and Samuel Morse

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So it has finally come to this. Why do we insist on hurting the ones we love?

Joe is a huge X-Men fan, so when the time came to review a cherished run that he purchased as an impressionable teen—the critically hailed Uncanny X-Men as written by Chuck Austen—who were we to say no?

Come find out why Austen‘s run (issues #421-#427) is considered the best among modern classic X-Men talesohmygodICAN’TDOITANYMORE……

This comic, despite being an easy read with beautiful visuals, is terrible. It’s so goddamn bad. I mean, the nurse’s kid using his mutant powers to help mom bang her coma patient? Iceman’s shitty glasses? Kurt quitting his position as team leader in one issue, only for that to never be mentioned again? Jubilee lamenting how she never got naked with Skin (?) ON HIS F*CKING GRAVE? And I didn’t even mention the AIDS part!

I’m ok. Jeez. Like I said, the art (by Ron Garney, Philip Tan, and Steve Kim) is damn good.

Joining us to talk shitty X-Men comics is comics newcomer and Kickstart success story, Matt Burke! Previously featured on Bleeding CoolBurke is the writer of Biker Mice from Mars based on the cartoon series. He is also an employee (and co-worker of Joe’s) at Dr. Fantasy’s Comics ‘n More in Glendale, AZ.

Also joining us is returning friend Chase Magnett of and We f*cking love that guy.

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On the next show we welcome back our friend Tucker Stone, marketing director of Nobrow Press! And he’s brought along the classic Tim Truman story, Hawkworld!

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