Will Boom Go Back Over The Garden Wall?

OverTheGardenWall_socialLast year, Cartoon Network debuted their first animated event series with Over The Garden Wall created by Patrick McHale and which ran over several nights on the first week of November. Boom Studios published a standalone one-shot issue to coincide with the series under their KaBOOM! imprint.
The one shot was under-ordered and with demand high, it soon shot up to over $40 on eBay. Five months later, the KaBOOM! comic is still selling over $25 on eBay. It seems like a good time to publish more Over The Garden Wall comics, but thus far Boom has been silent on whether they would do more or not.
That changes now.
As I understand, there’s an announcement forthcoming that will make fans of the property who want more Greg and Wirt very happy indeed. The only question is should you pick a copy of the original one shot before the price goes up again?

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