The Broken Frontier Anthology: Over 40 Star Creators Unite In Support Of Creator-Owned Comic

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Campaign End: May 23, 2015. Release Date (Digital): September 2015. Release Date (Print): December 2015

The Broken Frontier anthology unites over 40 of the brightest talents working in comics today, from both the mainstream and indie worlds, to tell their own stories about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown.


One of the unfortunate truths about the comic industry is that just because a creator is well established with a list of credentials to their name doesn’t mean they get to work on their own projects. Many of them have had characters bouncing around in the backs of their heads for years, or a new storyline they’ve really wanted to explore. But setting off all on your own is difficult and there’s always a chance that taking it to a publisher will forfeit some of the creator control of the media rights.


The Broken Frontier anthology is offering a solution to those issues. And judging by the overwhelming response from creators wanting to take part in this project, these are solutions that the industry desperately needs.


All of our creators have brought the anthology their own unique stories that they’ve been dying to tell. Greg Pak and Tom Raney have a soldier with a phantom limb fighting against ghosts. David Hine and Mark Stafford are setting the scene for an existential murder mystery. Fred Van Lente and Alison Sampson are exploring some interesting cultural norms with their female superhero. Marguerite Bennett is telling a tale of folk lore with a park ranger in Alaska. And Toby Cypress finally gets to draw his dream project complete with futuristic motorcycles and giant swords.


But in order to make the Broken Frontier anthology a reality, we’re going to need your help. That’s why we’ve set up some amazing rewards. Not only will the book itself be a high quality hardcover with 250 full color pages, with the digital book being distributed on the ComiXology platform, but we’re offering a number of Kickstarter exclusive rewards you can only get through our campaign. This includes a “behind-the-scenes” sketchbook as well as 4 exclusive prints by cover artist Robbi Rodriguez and contributing artists Toby Cypress, PJ Holden, and Robert Sammelin. On top of that, we also have a limited book plate edition by Eisner nominated artist, Farel Dalrymple, hand numbered to only 200 copies!


Please visit the Broken Frontier anthology Kickstarter page and show your support for creator-owned comics.


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