Ghost Town Takes On The Classic Detective Mystery With A Post-Apocalyptic Twist


ART_KickstarterStill“Ghost Town: A Mystery” follows the story of Arthur The Auditor and his investigation into “recent disturbances” in Treble City. Arthur works for a giant company called The Lolllipop Corporation who bought America about three decades before the events of the story. Arthur is a reluctant employee of the company, but does what he’s told. He expects to arrive in Treble City (his worlds New York) and see it as the bustling metropolis we’d all expect. But when he’s greeted by an apparent abandoned city covered in thick fog, he begins a journey that will lead him to many revelations he never dreamed were possible. All along the way he does his own brand of investigating, assisted by his robotic metal fists that can retract on 100ft chains, and his one and only friend, The Librarian.


Alex O’Neill writes

When the Kickstarter campaign wraps on Tuesday for the graphic novel “Ghost Town: A Mystery” we’ll know if the world will or won’t be introduced to Arthur the Auditor and his tenure with the mega company The Lollipop Corporation. But the question that the creative team behind the story is asking is if the world still craves a good ole fashioned detective story.

Sure, the Dark Knight may have been born between the covers of Detective Comics. But mega franchises aside, does the detective still hold his or her sway over comic fans of today?

“Ghost Town: A Mystery” asks that question by rephrasing it. Take the detective out of the shadow of venetian blinds and put him in front of the glowing pink neon sign of The Lollipop Corporation. Now you have an Auditor. Take the crowds and traffic out of the city that never sleeps and replace it with a dense fog and rubble and now you have Treble City. Take America and sell her land and resources to a giant company and now you have The Lollipop Corporation.

So now re-ask the question, can Arthur the Auditor and his mission to a modern ghost town ignite the imaginations once again of comic fans? Throw in biologically enhanced humans, a skewed timeline, a few Nazis, and some larger than life robots and ask it again. Is the world still wanting to follow the thread of a good ole fashioned mystery?

We’ll know after Tuesday night at 11:59pm.

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If we can hit our Kickstarter Goal of $5000 before Sunday at 11:59, we’ll do a digital pin-up of Arthur released exclusively on celebrating our victory.

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