The First Appearance Of Darkseid’s Daughter (SPOILERS)

We thought that Free Comic Book Day would see the first appearance of Darkseid’s daughter, the story that Geoff Johns has been telling since Justice League #1 in 2011. Indeed, we suggested as much.

We were wrong.

As we discovered when reading this week’s issue of Justice League #40.

With a final scene that leads directly into the DC Divergence comic this weekend for Free Comic Book Day, as do the Batman and Superman books this week too. Almost as if they delayed all three books on purpose.

But if you are looking for the first appearance of Grail, you’ll find her in the shadows right here.

Justice League #40 (2015) - Page 23

And here is how she will look on Saturday…

Image (50)

And then…

Image (51)

Grail Simone! That;s what I’m calling her and I’m sticking to it.

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