Booze Geek: Undead Party Crasher Imperial Stout And The Monster Squad

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By Dylan Gonzalez

Beer: Undead Party Crasher American Imperial Stout

Brewery: Clown Shoes Brewery

ABV: 10%

undead-party-crasher-setI have to give it to Clown Shoes.  They have undoubtedly some of the best beer bottle artwork in the industry.  I saw the Undead Party Crasher on the self and immediately grabbed it.  How could I say no to a bottle featuring a vampire, Frankenstein-like brutes, zombies and something that looks like the girl from The Ring being attacked by Buffy-style slayer?

Undead Party Crasher was impenetrably black in color and poured a long lasting head.  Even after letting the beer sit for some time, the head remained, at about half an inch thick.  It was a light mocha in color.  The beer gave off the scents of candied dark fruit and chocolate for the most part, as well as some malt.

The beer started off with a roasted malt and coffee flavor.  From there, chocolate became the strongest taste along with sweet, candied dark fruit.  There was also a bit of sugary lactose present as well.  The finish was a little hoppy.  It had a moderately thick body, but overall smooth going down.

This was a really on point stout.  It hit all the right notes of being a great beer.  Once again, I am impressed with Clown Shoes ability to create really fantastic beer.

What to Drink This To:

monstersquad_webLooking at that artwork made me think of only one film: The Monster Squad.  A good friend of mine introduced me The Monster Squad several years ago, describing it as “my Goonies” as he has an immense for horror and monster films.  The concept is simple: the classic Universal monsters team up (under the leadership of Dracula) and a group of kids (this is an 80’s film) have to stop them.  It’s fun, silly and the special effects are great.  Enjoy the Undead Party Crasher with The Monster Squad.

Dylan Gonzalez happens to love beer and comic books and luckily found a place to write about both because he has no idea how to actually make money in the real world.  He lives in a cave in New Jersey. Tweet him at @BeardedPickle, follow his own beer blog at email him at

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