Review: Ommegang’s Game Of Thrones “For The Throne” Golden Ale

Before we bolted for PAX East this week, we got a lovely surprise to review as Ommegang have a new Game Of Thrones themed beer called “For The Throne”. We’ve had a few of these pass through our lips over the past couple of years, all of them having their own distinct tastes that make […]

Hellboy is Getting an Entire Line of Snooty Craft Beers

Do you like Hellboy? Do you enjoy drinking beers with names like “Indigo Blue Fruit Ale” and “Maple Syrup Pancake Beer?” If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” then you almost certainly live in Portland. You’re also the perfect target demographic for a new line of Hellboy beers bring produced by Oregon […]

Review: Game of Thrones – King in the North Beer

We got another awesome opportunity, as the holidays approach with the cold, to warm our souls up with some Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang. This time around, we got King in the North: a mighty imperial stout fit for Jon Snow, with an 11% ABV. A lot of the brews we’ve received from Ommegang […]

Red Wedding Brew: We Review Game Of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons Beer

Every time we have the pleasure of receiving a new Game Of Thrones beer from Brewery Ommegang, it’s so tempting to just call the article “I Drink & I Know Things”. The wonderful people at HBO were kind enough to send us a bottle of their latest brew, this one called Mother of Dragons in […]

Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer

Tasting the New Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer: Hand of the Queen

If you’re going to get drunk on some kind of beer made to pay tribute to a TV show, you can’t go wrong with the Game of Thrones beers from Brewery Ommegang (at least, until someone finally gets around to making some kind of special brew for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia). HBO was kind […]

black flag brewing company

Nerd Food: Black Flag Brewing Company’s Saved by the Bell Beer

Since I grew up mostly in the ’90s, I did indeed watch Saved by the Bell. It was a fun, wholesome show with good messages that kids could understand. I still watch re-runs every now and again, and overall I enjoy the nostalgia it brings whenever I think about it. Obviously I’m not alone, as […]

crab shack shandy

Nerd Food: Natty Boh’s Crab Shack Shandy

Let me fill you in on a secret (that I think everyone knows): I love National Bohemian Beer. I have Mr. Boh — the winking mascot — tattooed on my arm. So when Pabst Blue Ribbon, the parent company of National Bohemian, released a new Natty Boh flavor, I knew what I had to do! […]

Legend Of Zelda triforce beer

Second Self Beer Co. Creates an IPA Tribute to Zelda

If you’ve ever wondered what the Triforce might taste like in The Legend of Zelda series, a beer company out of Atlanta, Georgia might have something to tide you over. The Second Self Beer Company has created an IPA called Triforce, which we’ve added a description of below. The company was featured in Esquire this […]

Nerd Food: Maudite Belgian Style Double Ale

New Years Eve was a laid back one for me. It was far too cold to venture outside for any great length of time, so my favorite guy and I cracked open this bottle of Maudite from Unibroue to kick off our NYE! This Belgian Style Double Ale is frankly delicious. One of the first […]

shipyard Candy Cane Coffee porter

Lauren’s Last Call: Shipyard Candy Cane Coffee Porter

If you’re heading to Epcot this holiday season, be on the lookout for Shipyard Brewing Co.’s Candy Cane Coffee Porter, available for a limited time! I was lucky enough to try one during the first day of the Festival of the Holidays event, and needless to say I loved it. What’s your favorite holiday drink?

russ colchamiro

Barzinga At Shore Leave With Author Russ Colchamiro

Last weekend at Shore Leave, Rich Henn and I sat down with author Russ Colchamiro on his new book, Love, Murder, & Mayhem: Cosmic Tales From The Heart Gone Wrong. I’m actually reading the book right now, so I’ll have a review of it up as soon as I’m done. It was a great night […]

I Drink & I Know Things: Trying Out The New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Beer

Looking at the geeky calendar, Game Of Thrones Season 7 will be premiering on July 17. But before that, we have another event many of you need to worry about: Father’s Day. Normally we would just pass this over and get dad a necktie with a Star Trek logo on it and some breakfast at […]

Barzinga At The Five Points Festival: Beer! Toys! Comics!

Over the weekend, Henn and I traveled up to the Five Points Festival in NYC’s Lower East Side. The show is a fantastic first-year con, as I’ve said in my previous report. We sadly didn’t get any special guest stars on today’s episode, but that’s OK. Our next con will actually be Wizard World Philly, […]

At C2E2, Get Drunk On X-O Manowar With Galactic Golden Ale From Pipeworks Brewing Co.

The first X-O Manowar Wednesday has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still time to party with Valiant Entertainment like it’s 4001 AD. The company has partnered with Pipeworks Brewing Co. to release an X-O Manowar themed beer called X-O Manowar Galactic Golden Ale, according to a report from The beer […]

Heroic Aleworks: Barzinga Episode 4

This past Valentines Day, Henn and BL made the journey to Heroic Aleworks in Woodbridge, VA. They met with owners Jon and Ben, who just opened the brewery 6 weeks ago after two years in the making. Currently they have 5 beers in production which makes up their superhero line. Every so often they’ll release […]

Booze Geek: Stochasticity Project Grainiac

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Stochasticity Project Grainiac Brewery: Stone Brewing Co. ABV: 8.5% Stone Brewing is noted for their experimental beers, from their Enjoy By series to something like this, the Grainiac, which is brewed with seven malt varieties and four hop varieties. Grainiac was a deep brick red and produced a thin head that […]

Booze Geek – Black Dynomite Black IPA

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Black Dynomite Black IPA Brewery: 902 Brewing Co. ABV: 7% 902 Brewing is a hometown brewery, based out of Hoboken, New Jersey. Naturally, I am about anything New Jersey related (with the exception of our petty governor), so I have to support my local breweries. They have put out some good […]

Booze Geek – Eric More Cowbell

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Eric More Cowbell! Chocolate Milk Stout Brewery: SingleCut Beersmiths ABV: 6% It would have been virtually impossible for me to say no to an offering of this beer. Given my enjoyment of several classic Saturday Night Live Sketches, Eric More Cowbell! offered me an opportunity to enjoy a beer and think […]