Dark Horse Sends Fight Club 2, Rebels And Archie Vs. Predator Ashcans Out

IMG_20150310_140643092 (1)This week, comic stores received “ashcan” copies of Fight Club 2, Rebels and Archie Vs. Predator from Dark Horse to promote the upcoming release of those series.

Traditionally, ashcan comics were small print runs, often lacking in production values, colour, or size and published in order to secure copyright or trademark interests. In the nineties they were issued to promote upcoming titles with certain ashcans becoming highly collectible. When the speculator boom busted, they went away.

Well, now they’re back. And especially for Fight Club 2, may become just as collectible.

Is this a one off? Or an ongoing promotional plan for Dark Horse? And will others jump on board too?

Also, is it just me, or is Archie Vs. Predator going to overshadow the Archie #1 relaunch a little?


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