A Better Look At Dirk Gently, The Comic Book

Posted by March 9, 2015 Comment

At the weekend, Bleeding Cool got to see a page from the upcoming Dirk Gently series from IDW courtesy of the Instore Comic Convention Kickoff,


Well now we get to blow that up and see a little more… Dirk Gently the slacking private detective, a genius hiding from destiny, who always tries to take the easiest route to success until it suddenly diverts him into confrontations with gods, ghosts, aliens and alien ghosts. A masterpiece of a couple of novels by Douglas Adams, turned into a great radio series with Harry Enfield, a slightly less great BBC TV series with Steven Mangan and now being turned into an American TV series and comic book by IDW, the comic from Chris Ryall and Tony Atkins.

And it appears to be going a little ancient Egyptian on us..

STK671464-page-001 STK671464-page-003 STK671464-page-002 STK671464-page-004Just remember, everything is connected….


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