41 Thoughts About 41 Comics – Darth Vader To Walking Dead To Spider-Verse

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A new Wednesday! Calloo, callay!

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Darth Vader #1 comes to comic stores… with our man in black visiting a certain Jabba The Hutt. And laying down some passive aggression. And some aggressive aggression. And while this is a confrontation that many have wished to see…

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It may be a naked Spider-Ham which is what people realised they actually always wanted to see, in the new Amazing Spider-Man. And no, you can’t see if he’s circumcised and no I don’t have any idea of the theological implications of that.

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Batwing punches way ghosts. That’s the T-shirt that could revitalise the character, courtesy of Batman Eternal.


She is talking about the world of Prometheus – but she could be talking about our own world. Do you see what they did there? Satire!

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What to do with Tony Stark? On one hand, his inventions come in really handy in Captain Marvel, enough for Carol to forgive all his sins…

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But in All-New X-Men, whatever dimension you’re in, Tony Stark is clearly a sex pest of the highest order.

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Though, in Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special, it’s Bruce Wayne who may have a bit of a reputation to consider. And Amanda Conner? Really? What would Jimmy say?

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An impressive trick for The Ventriloquist in the long awaited Secret Six #2… for her dummy to talk while she has her mouth full.

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier really is one of the more remarkable looking superhero comic books out there. A mix of Promethea and Acme Novelty Library, of Hawkeye and Marvels, it’s a treat for the eyes and breaking new ground and comic book storytelling. Here’s just one small example.

Image (78)A romance based on mutual snark blossoms in The Walking Dead. And I’m totally running a big spoiler for that later today. Be warned.

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Never ask for whom the bell tolls in Rachel Rising. It tolls for thee. But yes, this is how you freak a teenager out, especially one with reason to believe everything you say. Why not try it out yourself today?

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It is a little weird in Earth 2: Worlds End to see superheroes take a more traditional route into space travel. I guess I’m just used to folks flying through space, their capes flapping in the vacuum…

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I think the branding of new real estate developments in Suicide Squad could do with a little revisiting. As well as DC’s promotion of the title in recent weeks, suggesting that readers “commit to Suicide”… that’s one easy way to a) get a media storm and b) reduce your reader base.


Empty #1, the new Image comic from Jimmie Robinson gives us a fantasy parallel of xenophobia and racism, fear, superstition and just plain ignorance, wearing it all on its non-existent sleeves.


While Southern Bastards prefers to ignore the allegory and just go for the very thing itself.


Satellite Sam takes it back to the past. Both going where Miracleman can’t even go, pre-bagged.


Sixth Gun #46 tries to revitalise the “What I Did On My Summer Holidays” trope.

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Okay, Ash In Space, so we know it’s the Necronomicon. But wouldn’t it be cooler if it were Fifty Shades?

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Captain Victory #5 lays the smackdown. Missed any mention of the Goozlebobber’s momma though, that’s got to be 101 for these things.

7th Sword #7

Yup, Daniel is “cray”. I wish these mystical types, such as in 7th Sword #7, would dtop trying to get down with the kids.


Hexed #7 almost has it, “harlot” is a good old fashioned slut-shamer, but then it goes all anti-hipster hipster talk..


While Deep State #4 gives you a buddy moment from heaven, in the flames of death. Everyone’s just too self aware these days. I blame Joss Whedon. For most things in life.


That’s more like it, in Brides Of Helheim #4. A little more of the poetic, though I think the impending X-Men crossover is overegging it…


While Wilds End #6 gives such a withering look. Sweet how they use the eyes to deliver a line about eyes, transforming it’s meaning. Met-eye-textual?


Help Us Great Warrior #1 gives us a get out clause for every socially embarrassing situation in life. I am totally going to try this one the next time I am accosted to buy a copy of the Watchtower.


Teen Dog #6 tackles inter-class warfare in dog terms and asks the question “are we not canine? If you prick us do we not bleed, whine and walk around with an embarrassing limp afterwards?”


In Crimson Society #4, we get a rather fussy eater. The kind of person who spends an hour going through the eggs in an eggbox in the superstore, searching for the perfect six. It ain’t going to happen, eventually you just leave disappointed and eggbound.


A waste of a perfect shot in Divinity #1

Edward Scissorhands #4

Maybe, Edward Scissorhands #4, consider plunging your hands into a loofah display. Then instead of scares, you will elicit groans of pleasure?

Ehmm_Theory_V2_4 review-17

Ehmm_Theory knows the power of images, underscored here by keeping this scene wordless.

Layout 1

While Dresden: Down Town #1 manages a similar, but just as effective trick.

i1 review (1)-18

Princeless: The Pirate Princess launched today, with a message about our heroine’s current state of existence. Shame everyone is too unconscious to hear it. But is there still a need for such unencumbered female role models in comics?

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Magnus #11 certainly makes a case for it.

morningAnd Morning Glories confirms it. As well as giving us a political campaign and a way to unite the real power base in the students…

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While Legenderry: Red Sonja #1 is clearly a completely different individual. In that she hasn’t even thretaened to chop them off/


Marceline Gone Adrift #2 discovers what happens when you pen a booth at San Diego Comic Con with something vaguely exclusive.


Q2 #5 looks at the inevitable, with Priest and Bright. And it still feels good typing those surnames together… and for the last time. Because this is the final chapter of the previous iteration of Quantum And Woody. Time to go out with a whimper. My whimper…


With that defeatist attitude, sure, Rai #7. Maybe if you stopped sitting in such a squat, you might have done something sooner.

Star Trek #41

From Star Trek #41… man Kirk can still flirt through two space helmets. I get the feeling no contraception invented in the future can hold back his final frontier.

Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe #5

Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe #5 continues to be one of the weirdest, greatest comic books on the stands. Buy this with Bucky Barnes for a double shot.


In case you didn’t see that DC spoiler earlier, Witchblade #180 joins the decapitation brigade. Look, she’s called “Witch” “blade” – these things are going to happen by accident…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, running a Kieron GIllen Darth Vader #1 signing on Saturday, on Valentine’s Day.


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