Could You Tell A Surprising Comic Book Story In 3 Pages And Only 2 Characters?

Could You Tell A Surprising Comic Book Story In 3 Pages And Only 2 Characters?

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Felipe Cagno writes for Bleeding Cool:

How about a dozen of stories? Or even twenty?

All of them following three very simple and very challenging rules, they each must have:

3 Pages

2 Characters

1 Twist Ending

Was that even possible?

The idea was both exciting and terrifying. It would push me harder than any other comic book or film script I had written, but it also seemed fun.

As much as I always worried about page count, the space was always there to be filled. But taking that away, doing with three pages only? How would that even work?

It was all about going to basics, to the purest form of writing, doing it for fun, doing it to explore new worlds and characters without much responsibility or time invested, after all, it was just three pages anyway.

And fun it was, for everyone involved.

Because the stories were so short, we could get as creative as we wanted, we could take risks and we could pour ourselves on the page.

The “321: Fast Comics” was born as that carefree, fun and loving friend, the life of the party, the crazy but so charismatic buddy you want around. The “321” was the Bill Murray of comics.

And everyone wants to be friends with Bill Murray.

That’s how it was so easy and a blast to put together a terrific team of professional artists to tackle these 3-page stories.

They wanted to be part of something that fun, to draw and paint things so different from their daily schedules, to escape the superheroes and go draw dinosaurs, pandas, and pirates, whatever they always wanted to do but didn’t have had the chance until now.

I never thought I’d write a Western or a Noir-Steampunk, but those happened and it was awesome.

The public also responded, they would suggest ideas or genres, maybe characters, it was like going to an “All you can eat buffet” and find yourself staring at pizza, sushi, a salad bar with some BBQ at the end of the counter and ask for your very own special sauce.

Though in our case: sci-fi, horror,  comedy, daily life, fantasy, medieval, space travel and other goodies with a twist on the side.

Well, after a tremendous success in Brazil where book #1 was produced, it was time to bring the buffet to new audiences. Or bring Bill Murray to new audiences… sort of lost myself here with the analogies, but regardless, it was time for a Kickstarter to fund the printing and shipping of the books for the first volume of the “321: Fast Comics” series.

First volume of the series? Does that mean—

Yes! It does, this is just the first of a series and book #2 is currently in the works!!

And what’s best is that you can also chime in, let your voice be heard, suggest that comic book story or genre you’ve always wanted to see brought to you by some of the best artists working in comics today.

Find us on Kickstarter, become a backer with any pledge, and enjoy being part of the next volume of the series.


Every couple of days we post surveys exclusively for backers, we want to hear from you how to make the “321: Fast Comics” the awesomest it can be, we want to see Bill Murray doing what he does best.

And that’s not all, every Bleeding Cool backer also gets a little something special, just let us know you’ve found us because of this article and we will add a signed and exclusive card to your “321: Fast Comics Volume 1” book, it’s that easy.

Thanks for sticking with me up to this point, but…. What’s taking you so long to go find us on Kickstarter?

Go, get outta here, move, son, Bill Murray won’t wait forever, he is too cool for that.

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