The Global Frequency TV Show From Jerry Bruckenheimer Is Dead

The Global Frequency TV Show From Jerry Bruckenheimer Is Dead

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freqbottomLast year it was reported that Jerry Bruckheimer was to produce a TV adaptation based on the DC comic book Global Frequency, originally written by Warren Ellis. Ellis was to executive produce, along with Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Rockne S. O’Bannon with KristieAnne Reed as co-executive producer.

The comic had already had one TV pilot made ten years ago, which leaked online to much acclaim, but killing the project in the process

Well, this time all it took was the script.

Though Global Frequency had a pilot production commitment at Fox, I am told by Fox sources that as a result of the script by O’Bannon, creator of Farscape and Defiance and the man most responsible for the Constantine TV show, having “bombed” internally at Fox, right now the project is as dead as a cybernetically enhanced zombie dodo.

Even though a series about a crowd-sourced response to global crime couldn’t be more relevant, I understand that as of today, the frequency has been lost… But it’s always possibly they’ll try and tune in again later in the year.

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