UK To See Fantastic Four Trailer In 13 Days – January 29th

Kingsman: The Secret Service is released in the US on February 15th, and we now know this will be accompanied by the Fantastic Four trailer, which may be the first chance most will get to see even a frame of Josh Trank's upcomig movie. The very secrecy of this project has only fuelled rumours of upset in the production.

But it appears the trailer will also be attached to the UK release of Kingsman, officially releasing on January 29th, over two weeks prior. Fox PR tells me that this will be the case in "a majority but not all" of UK cinemas, but confirm that it will be from release date.

Yes, we have suddenly got all chummy. So all you Fantastic Four haters, especially those who are in the UK.. you have less than two weeks before you get an idea whether you are right or not..

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