Bleeding Cool Welcomes Patrick Dane, New Head Games Writer Around These Here Parts

10525753_10154780312555113_2600705397656489637_nHey there,

I should have done this a little while ago, but I’ve been busy. In case you hadn’t noticed, Bleeding Cool’s been ramping up its games coverage for a little while. That is in part down to me. Hannah and Avatar Press have been insane enough to give me the reigns of the gaming section of the site and make it into a little worthwhile pocket of the Internet. I thought it might be high time to say ‘Hey’ properly and just give you a little primer for who I am and what I’m going to be doing here.

If you don’t know me, I’m Patrick Dane. I’ve been around these parts for a while, but in strange and infrequent capacities. Just to prove it to you, here is my first work for the site way back at the release of Prometheus. I was around here for a while after that, helping out with a lot of the film stuff, doing interviews, reviews, news and that one time I was in Batman’s Tumbler.

I then ran away for a while writing for several other sites with a new focus on gaming, covering international events like E3 and the video game BAFTAs (True story. I had a pee in between Jonathan Ross and Gabe Newell that night. It was a wild night. I’ll have to tell you about it someday). I’ve gotten the chance to talk to a ton of great developers and garnered what you’d call an ‘okay’ portfolio in the field.

So now the prodigal son has returned home after his venture out into the wilds of the Internet. I come back bearing gifts of knowledge about this strange industry called ‘gaming’. Well… knowledge is a strong word. More like I have an RSS feed and the patience to stay on top of it throughout the day.

The fruits of that RSS feed will be the bread and butter (that metaphor doesn’t work) of what I’m writing here as I’ll try to keep you up to date with the gaming news of each day. That is not all though. Every once in a while I get this weird tendency to get on a soap box and do an editorial about something or other, so you might run into those from time to time. I’m sorry for those in advance. You’ll also be getting reviews for upcoming games as well as interview and events coverage where I will actually try to bring you interesting answers to interesting questions. That is the kind of stuff I live for, so I hope you will really dig when I branch out a little.

Looking into the misty future, there is for sure a desire to bring more original content to you guys in new mediums so you’ll get to know me a little bit past just my words on screen. Again, that is still a little further off and my crystal ball is a bit crappy. I barely know what I’m having for dinner each day.

So yeah, that is me and the current plan for content. From the bottom of my heart, I will try to make it worth your while for letting me into the tree house. I hope this won’t be a one way conversation, either. Get into the forums as I will be in there talking to you as often as I can. If I make a mistake, and I will make mistakes, I’m happy to explain them to you in there. Hell, if you really want to get personal, you can shout at me directly on @PatrickDane on Twitter.

Other than that, I’m out. I’m sure some ludicrous story has popped up into my RSS feed since I’ve been writing this, so I should probably get to that.

Before I go though, I leave you with this overly used gif that still makes me laugh.

LPtmwpdSee you around!