Play As Kim Jong-Un Riding A Narwhal In Kickstarter Game Glorious Leader!

So, it's been a long year of news stories in the games industry, but we may now have the most insane yet. What with the confusion over the Sony and North Korean hacks being a hot topic, it's of course customary to expect little pieces of media that capitalize on the topic. Well, gaming's version has turned up.

I heard about the game Glorious Leader! back in May when it hit Steam Greenlight, but developer Jeff Miller is now on Kickstarter trying to get the funds to finish the game. In an interview with Associated Press when asked if he would cease the release of the game because of the political situation, they reported:

We want the game to be a topical as possible," said Miller, adding he hasn't received any threats from North Korea or hackers and isn't afraid of any backlash because the game makes Kim Jong Un "look totally awesome."

I try not to report too much on Kickstarter campaigns, but this was too much. The game is a retro style run-and-gun where you play as Kim Jong-Un fighting American forces. Here is a video of the insanity.

To go along with that madness, here are a few things from the Kickstarter's page that you should probably see.

Here is a poster for the game:

6fdfab727fd01ec800a8c5a579542369_large (1)The game wants to add a bonus level  about The Interview and Sony, complete with Seth Rogen:

Kim Jong-Un riding a unicorn into battle

Kim Jong-Un riding a unicorn of the sea, the Narwhal, into battle:


I seriously can't decide how I feel about this. The North Korea situation is a really serious issue and I don't know if it's good precedent to be supporting games that cash-in on topical news like this.

On the other hand, it has Kim Jong-Un riding a Narwhal. I'm not sure we can take it too seriously.

Ultimately, I'll only care if the game turns out to be good and has fun with its concept, rather than being mean spirited and coasting on its ludicrous premise. If this is your kind of Comedy game though, you can support the Kickstarter here.