Stjepan Šejić’s Sunstone Is Top Cow’s Highest Ever Ordered Graphic Novel

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Stjepan Šejić looks like he could be heading to be a true comic book superstar. We’ve been following his career for a bit as he’s worked for a number of US publishers, from Arcana to Dynamite to Marvel to Top Cow to Image Comics, with a recent star performance in the Harley Quinn Annual.


Not only is he a great artist, but he’s fast too, with a strong presence on DeviantArt that has earned him quite the fanbase.


His Image Central comic, Death Vigil, is getting plenty of good reviews. And I understand that To Cow have had their highest pre-orders ever for a graphic novel, even including the nineties, with the release of Sunstone in January.


Especially considering that, rather than a superhero or fantasy series, it’s a comic book about BDSM.


And now he will be launching the new IXth Generation #1 in January with Matt Hawkins.


Which is less about BDSM. But the combination on the shelf might make for a potent mix in the marketplace…

His first published work in the US? Could it be the Arcana Studio Presents Free Comic Book Day #3 edition from 2006? Possibly…

323823-20784-124696-1-arcana-studio-presenHappy hunting…


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