Be Thankful For Garth Ennis – A New Free Chapter Of Crossed: Dead Or Alive


The Crossed: DOA Crowdfunding has jumped to almost $10,000, to fund a serious of webisodes written and directed by Garth Ennis, depicting the world of the Crossed onscreen for the first time.

And because it's Thursday we get the third chapter in the free Crossed webcomic by Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete. As our protagonist starts to look at the group he has fallen in with, trying to survive against the hordes on Hollywood's hills…

I was reminded of one of the origins of the look of the Crossed this past Sunday, as my trip with the kids to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London, crossed with a rugby match. And people dressing up like this.


St George's flag, England's flag, painted across the face. And while these ladies look lovely in the red and white, it is a symbol associated with sporting hooliganism. And even just enjoying the game, a crowd with this face painted on, screaming for their team can seem quite aggressive.

Its also reminiscent of the Crusades, fought under that flag, an attempt for one civilisation to completely wipe out another.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Crossed.


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