John Rauch Off Invincible, During Almost-Three-Month Delay (UPDATE)

John Rauch Off Invincible, During Almost-Three-Month Delay (UPDATE)

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It’s been a while since Invincible #114. Invincible #115 is currently scheduled for the 19th November, eleven weeks after the last issue. Why the delay?

Well, some suspected it might have something to do with John Rauch being dropped as the colourist, heralding the current delay on the book.

On the Image Comics forums, Rezourcesman posted,

Can’t speak for the general regular delays on the book, but this one is particularly long because there will be a new colourist going forward, so hopefully they were just spending some time to make sure they get a really good colourist. Think we’ve been very lucky with Crabtree, FCO and Rauch.

As to why?

I’m not sure how much I could or should say…I think John would be appreciative of your kind words and as I gather, it wasn’t his choice to leave the book. Which makes it more frustrating that there isn’t another colourist already lined up.

John Rauch then commented,

I wasn’t going to say anything, but since some people apparently already know, I just wanted to confirm it and thank all of you for the nice things you’ve said about my work here and the past three years I’ve been on the book. The behind the scenes stuff can be stressful at times, but there’s not an Invincible page or cover out there that I’m not fairly proud of. I don’t know the status of 115 or if another colorist has been hired. Invincible is the only book I’ve ever worked on that I was a fan of before starting and if it was up to me, I’d color it until the end.

Rauch continues to colour Wayward, also for Image.

But checking in with Image Comics studio Skybound who publish the comic, while they weren’t commenting on Rauch’s departure from the title, it seems that the delay on Invincible is rather down to artist Ryan Ottley. He recently suffering a back injury and was unable to sit at his desk.

Either way, the next issue will be out soon…

UPDATE: Apologies, an unfinished version of this article ran earlier.

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