Here Comes… Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters


Last month, Hasbro registered comic book trademarks for both Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters for “Paper goods and printed matter, namely, comic books; picture books; story books; books containing puzzles and games; instructional manuals and printed strategy guides for games; book covers; trading cards; posters; stickers; sticker books; calendars”

So what ‘s going on?

Well, at NYCC in 2011, Hasbro launched a comic book called UNIT:E featuring Transformers, Mask, Jem And The Holograms, Action Man, Micronauts, Stretch Armstrong and more, all in one.



And Stretch Armstrong’s entry is right there, a recreated comic book version of the stretchy toy from the seventies.

First up is a two page spread of Stretch Armstrong reimagined as a sort of young, tech augmented, Reed Richards, and the first Superhero on this version of Earth. He trains and leads a team of heroes known as the Flex Fighters.

Much of what was planned for the UNIT:E comic never went to solicitation, though it seems to have spurred IDW to license all sorts of comic books. But not for Stretch. Well, it looks like someone is planning something.

A little more googling and John Forcucci has published storyboards for… something. Ad for a toy? A TV show? Or a comic? Or all three?

stretch_sizzle_storyboard_01 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_02 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_03 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_04 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_05 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_06 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_07 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_08 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_09 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_10 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_11 stretch_sizzle_storyboard_12



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