Scott Snyder Promises A 'Year Two' For Batman Eternal

250px-Batman_Eternal_Vol_1-14_Cover-1Answering questions on Reddit yesterday, Scott Snyder was asked,

Dc says that batman eternal will go on hiatus in march is there gonna be another major story for the batman eternal weekly if so will you be involved

With the reply

Yep! The story ends in March and then we'll do a year 2 after a break (we have to get WAY ahead on a weekly series before it starts coming out).

He also let us know how seriously he takes the fans

Also, I'm part of the group a dedicated fans who have been demanding Crazy Quilt return to Batman comics. We want to absolutely thank you for his inclusion in Batman: Endgame, and we very much look forward to the issue.


Crazy Quilt is IN Endgame b/c of you people. No shit.

Remember folks, when you talk to Scott Snyder, you play with live ammunition…


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