Comic Creator James Hudnall Is In Need Of Help

HudnallMy first year going anywhere near the comic industry was 1994. I was at a horrible little convention at the L.A. Fairgrounds with an ashcan anthology trying to start a comic company. The number of names at the show was basically Reggie Jackson, James Hudnall, Joe Weems V, Dan Panosian and a few others that I’m having a hard time remembering two decades later.

Hudnall was the big draw for me, he was a writer I had been reading for years. If you don’t know him he worked on Alpha Flight and Strikeforce Morituri for Marvel, Hardcase for Malibu and Lex Luthor: The Unathorized Biography for DC along with creating the series ESPers and Harsh Realms… You might remember Harsh Realms from the short lived TV series with DB Sweeney.

Alpha FlightI got to get away from my table and meet James… we had a hell of a lot more in common than I expected. We were both big men (I’m 6’6″ and he’s taller), both have a computer programming background and left it to be comic writers. Talking with him was great, he gave me advice that I still use to this day. And when I finally got around to putting out my own comics, he reviewed them immediately and showed me ways to improve including how to make the lettering better. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be as far along in this industry as I am if it wasn’t for meeting James Hudnall and his friendship.

This week I found out that he is having to have surgery… He almost died the previous week from an infection in a diabetic ulcer on his foot. He shared pictures of it on his Facebook page… I will not share them here. The surgery is to remove the foot.

James says he will recover and be able to go back to work, but he’s not sure how long it will take and just how soon he will get back to work. So his friend has put together a Go Fund Me page to raise $3,000 to help cover the gap. As of this article writing it’s already over $2,100.

James is a very talented writer and an incredibly generous man and I ask if you can, help contribute to his fund. The best thing will be for him to focus on his recover and not stress about bills… and we can help make that happen.

Click here to help and donate.

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