Rumoured Marvel Comics On The Cancellation Block

Posted by October 27, 2014 Comment

downloadComic book creators are often a gossipy lot. Especially in the New York bars after a comic convention. And sometimes it takes a little while to filter through a variety of sources.

Such as which upcoming books are being cancelled. Some we’d heard before, but now we have issue numbers.

I understand from such sources that the current run on X-Force will be published until issues #14 or #15. The upcoming trade paperback goes until #10, so #15 feels more likely.

I’m told that All-New Invaders is cancelled with #13-15. Again, the next trade goes up to #10 so, again, #15 is more likely, but James Robinson has a new Marvel project lined up to replace it.

I’m told Elektra will finish with #11. The second trade does go up until that issue. but as mentioned before, the creative team are much liked at the publisher.

I’m told Secret Avengers ends with #12, as most recently solicited. But, that’s not as far as the next collection goes.,,,

As for Captain Marvel… no wait, that deserves its own article. And it’s notable that All-New Ghost Rider is no longer being mentioned in this capacity.

But these cancellations seem to be well known. Marvel often asks me to hold stories so that they can tell all the creators involved with a book, so that they don’t have to hear it from a gossip column. This time, they expressed no objection to the article running,


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