Walking On Water At New York Comic Con With The 7 Scrolls Of Shitorio


Jon Johnson wrote for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con,

Conventions are always going to be loaded full of weird, wild products by hopeful creators aimed at an amazingly indifferent audience. When I attend, I always look for that one thing, that one particular item I think is hands above the creative genius of all the others and I usually always find one. Some days it’s on the final day, some days it’s on the first. For this year’s NYCC, it came by a completely different route than my standard floor walk.

The 7 Scrolls Of Shitorio is a work that completely defies the norm. It’s a prose book with a manga-styled flair. It’s a real graphic novel, though the graphics are more akin to book plate art rather than sequential. It’s an eddic poem with an anime touch, or maybe a Japanese version of Poetic Edda. It’s Japanimangapoeticprose. It’s creative, different and interesting. In a word, unique.

I learned of it from my longtime friend Tara (henceforth known as Tarachu), a cosplayer. She had mentioned to me that she’d be dressed at the Walk on Water booth, in the costume of one of the characters in this “manga book” that was being released. I, in my Philistine pig-ignorance, initially dismissed the book, not quite gathering how it would work. I figured on visiting with Tarachu; give the booth a cursory glance, maybe mentioning it in an article if it showed merit.

The 7 Scrolls Of Shitorio is exactly what makes comic conventions exciting. At a booth full of firsts, first time exhibitors, first time publishers, first time booth bunnies, first time self-published writers and artists, as an admirer of excellence in product ideas and planning, this concept is what I strive to discover at shows. Writer Jacob Kirton came up with the idea in 2008 and has been working on it in his spare time. As the book shows right on the cover, it’s the first volume, which Jacob hopes to bring to an eventual 7. The black and white artwork by Tristan Powell enhances each chapter, which they both hope to bring to full color in the future. Tristan designed the character Tarachu was dressed as and she spared no breath in getting attendees to the booth. Having only joined the project during the summer, it adds a wonderful snowball effect to the creative process and the end result of exhibiting at NYCC.

There is a website for the book, www.walkonwaterproductions.us where you can order a copy, or you can find it on Amazon. If you find you like manga, anime, fantasy, epic style poems and absolutely unique ideas, this is for you. As more are planned and Jacob says new series are planned as well, give these guys your support. You too can be that guy (or girl) that can claim to have ‘been there when no one knew about it.’

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