Lying In The Gutters - 6th September 2014 - Empire State Of Mind

Lying In The Gutters – 6th September 2014 – Empire State Of Mind

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The wonderful look of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, from the upcoming issue 2.

See you folk in New York… but first, what have you been reading this week? Or just yesterday? Well… there was one story from yesterday that not so much took the top spot of the week, but is in contention for the year already…

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. CONFIRMED: Fantastic Four To Be Cancelled In 2015
  2. Jon Stewart Spoils Batman v Superman During Ben Affleck Interview 
  3. It’s Time For DC Comics To Make All The Jokes Everyone Else Has Been Making For Ever 
  4. DC’s Batman Comic Jumps To Five Bucks An Issue
  5. Scott Snyder Looks To Reduce Price Of $4.99 Batman Monthly
  6. Weaponising Kitty Pryde In The Death Of Wolverine
  7. The Big Reveals Of Today’s Thor And Captain America That We All Knew About
  8. Spider-Gwen Will Appear In Spider-Woman.. And Beyond
  9. Today’s Futures End Brings You… The Blood Moon
  10. The Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Another Disappearing Galactus
  11. X-Factor Gets X-Voted?
  12. Speculator Corner: Wolverine #80
  13. Those Marvel Future Tripod Thingies Return In Uncanny X-Men
  14. Social Media Responds To Kevin Smith’s Tusk And The Announcement Of Clerks 3
  15. Chantella Viala, The Rob Granito Of Canada?
  16. 43 Thoughts About 43 Comics
  17. The New Women Of Marvel Comics?
  18. Guardians Of The Galaxy Screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, To Write Gamora Comic
  19. An All Different Fantastic Four Coming According To Miles Teller
  20. Speculator Corner: Speedball #1 Out Of The Quarter Box 

And Ten More You May Prefer

  1. A Modest Proposal For An Alternative To Those Sexist DC T-Shirts
  2. Dan DiDio Reveals The Blood Moon Covers For The New 52
  3. Diane Nelson Writes To DC Comics’ Freelance Creators About The Big Move West
  4. DC Comics Smashes Marvel On Marketshare In September
  5. Comparing The Uncorrected And Corrected Batgirl #35 Previews
  6. Gerry Conway Returns To Spider-Man In 2015
  7. Ms Marvel, The Book That Was Meant To Get Cancelled By Issue 7
  8. Amazon And Hachette Fishing For Marvel In 2015 
  9. Is Sleepy Hollow Keeping The Faith?
  10. Spike Valentine, A New Writer For Marvel Comics

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