Is This A Return For Penthouse Comix?

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Penthouse-Comix1CoverFamed for its $800 page rates for freelance comic artists, Penthouse Comix was a mass market comics magazine published in the mid-nineties as a spinoff from the famous pornographic magazine of the same name. Launched by George Caragonne and Horatio Weisfeld, it featured the work of Alan Davis, Adam Hughes, Garry Leach, Kevin Nowlan, Mike Harris, Arthur Suydam, Jordan Raskin, Horacio Altuna, Richard Corben, Tony Salmons, Bart Sears, Gray Morrow, Milo Manara and more

A mix of softcore stories, parodies, some of the comics they published, such as the revival of THUNDER Agents, featured no sex or nudity at all. But later issues would feature more and more.

Accused of embezzlement, founder George Caragonne was fired, and Dave Elliott installed as editor instead.

Issues were banned in Canada and the UK, and were smuggled in by entrepreneurial dealers. And while the US publication came to an end in 1998, foreign editions continued in other countries, with the Spanish edition publishing well over a hundred issues to date.

Why do I bring it up now? Because the owners of Penthouse, General Media Communications, have just filed to register the US trademark for Penthouse Comix for “Comic books featuring adult themes; comic strips featuring adult themes; comic strips featuring adult themes appearing in magazines”.

Could the title be returning to the mother country soon?

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