So What Is Going On With The Inhumans At Marvel Anyway (Inhuman SPOILER)

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Okay, so the Inhumans are being boosted up at Marvel at the moment. To be the publisher’s next big thing, X-Men replacement, spin off series, a movie on the way.

But, storywise, what’s going on? Why did Black Bolt usher in a new world generation of triggered Inhumans? Was it all about Thanos? Is there something else coming?

It seems not. A new Inhuman (although in some ways a very old one) pops up in Inhuman this week. And gives us a good bit of Basil Exposition to let us know Marvel’s plans for the characters.


So there you go folks, it’s for humanity as well as inhumanity. Don’t you feel grateful?

So now will you go out and buy Inhuman like Marvel really wants you to? Look, Joe Madueira is drawing it and everything!

Comics courtesy of Comic Connections of Banbury, Oxfordshire. Who are running a special summer promotion though August, with a different offer announced on Facebook every Monday.


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