'I'm Not Saying It's Booster Gold, But Wouldn't It Be Cool If It Was?' – Dan DiDio


This is the equivalent to astro turfing a grassroots movement. A tease for tomorrow's DC All-Access video, filmed at San Diego Comic Con, with Dan DiDio being encouraged, off-camra, to spoil or tease whatever it is that DC Comics have coming up in April.

You know, apart from Blood Moon.

"We're doing the Five Year Later jump in September. There's one book that's a clue book, one book that sets it all up and its the one book that gives us a glimpses of what's to come, I'm not saying its Booster Gold, but it would be great if it was Booster Gold."

Yeah, it's Booster Gold.

And now… the DC Expendables…who need to pack an iron to San Diego Comic Con, before the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot.

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