Booze Geek – Frankenlager And Bride Of Frankenstein

By Dylan Gonzalez

Beer: Frankenlager

Brewery: Smuttynose Brewing Company

119761On this dreary day in early summer, I cracked open a bottle of Frankenlager, one of the Big Bottle series from Smuttynose Brewing.  The hops are bitter, the air is muggy and the beer is cold.

Frankenlager was a golden colored body and produced a thick, soapy head that lasted for quite a long time.  The body was a bit hazy, but I could still see the active carbonation in it.  I found that it gave off a mildly hoppy and sweet malt scent.

When I got to drinking it, my taste buds were pretty overwhelmed by the hops.  I did not detect much of a citrus taste, rather it was bitterer.  The hops certainly took precedence over the malts in the beer.  I also noticed a bit of a sweet bready-like taste as well as the beer settled.  On the palate, the beer had a medium body and was crisp with lots of carbonation.

If you enjoy bitter, paler style beers, Frankenlager is for you.  It was a bit hoppy and bitter for my liking, so I will probably be leaving Frankenlager alone for the time being.

What to Drink This To:


With a name like Frankenlager, your choices are pretty much endless. Obviously there is literary classic by Mary Shelley and the iconic Universal Pictures adaptations, of which I think Bride of Frankenstein is the superior picture.

However, with the Frankenstein name in the public domain, barring the Universal depiction, you have even more options, ranging from DC's Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Toho's Frankenstein Conquers the World, Bernie Wrightson's illustrated adaptation, his appearance in Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, the opportunities are endless.

Dylan Gonzalez happens to love beer and comic books and luckily found a place to write about both because he has no idea how to actually make money in the real world.  He lives in a cave in New Jersey. Tweet him at @BeardedPickle, follow his own beer blog at email him at

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