Alan Moore And Friends To Launch Electricomics Tomorrow

Alan Moore And Friends To Launch Electricomics Tomorrow

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tumblr_n68m81BepT1tv415ao1_1280“Not so much pushing the envelope of comicbook storytelling as folding it up to make a nice hat.”

Electricomics. Coming tomorrow. The Facebook page lists it as an “app” so it may well be a comics app coming to devices near you.

Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook, you choose.

That would be…

Leah: I’m currently editing a big exciting project involving us, some two bit author nobody’s heard of called Alan Moore, and some of our favourite writers and artists. We hope to be able to announce properly next week maybe, so watch this space.

And from Facebook:

Jose Villarrubia Stay tune for a big announcement from Electricomics!

The photostream on Facebook also includes Orphans Of The Storm, the film production company for Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins.

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