Casterman To Publish Herge’s ‘Missing’ Tintin Comic, The Thermozéro

Posted by March 25, 2014 Comment

6144We know that French publisher Casterman are planning a new Tintin book… in 2052, a year before the character joins the public domain.

But there’s another Tintin book that was never published, because it was never finished. And now that’s coming to light. And, alongside a remastering of the colour version of  Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, and the original version of The Seven Crystal Balls, we will also get the publication of the unseen Tintin And Thermozéro, as explained by Casterman editor-in-chief Benedict Mouchart, in Le Parisien yesterday.

“[Tintin and Thermozéro is] a very Hitchcockian Tintin.  He witnesses a car accident. A man is knocked down, he puts his raincoat on the wounded man. When the man dies, Tintin discovers that he slipped a piece of paper in his pocket and that men want it back … There is a storyboard complete, with  eight boards and sketches by Hergé.”


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