The ‘Inspiration’ Of Liam York

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Artist Liam York used to have a Facebook page and a DeviantArt page. Not any more. Artist Chris Oz Fulton posted the following,


Reader Michael Champion told Bleeding Cool,

I was next to Texas artist Chris Oz Fulton when he created it at a live art charity show in ABQ last October. Andy Kuhn bought it at the event. This guy photoshopped his signature on it and is trying to claim it as his and selling prints of it.

Your swipe file on Damon Bowie did a lot of good in getting him to change his ways, and a lot of us artists who have seen him at shows are thankful for it….

Well, before he closed his own Facebook account, Liam York found himself repeatedly pwned by all manner of folk, pointing out the pieces he posted for sale – and who actually created them. And making the original creator aware of it…


“You thieving fucktard” is probably my favourite comment. Feel free to see if you can find any more. Then tell these folks!


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