Batman And Frankenstein, Your Perfect Valentine Couple, In May (UPDATE)

Posted by February 14, 2014 Comment

BMROB_19_16Frankenstein, currently appearing in the DC New 52 in Justice League Dark is going to be making a central appearance in the upcoming Future’s End weekly comic.

But before that, in May, it seems that he will be joining Peter Tomasi‘s Batman And… series, giving us Batman And Frankenstein.

I mean, you kind of had a Batman And Frankenstein issue in #19, in Batman And Red Robin. He was certainly more prominent than Red Robin, But now he’s allowed to have his name in the title for an issue. Even if he kinda lost his head.

So, yes, repercussions! But probably no Bat-Frank smoochies.

UPDATE: CBR seems to confirm its existence

(Last Updated February 14, 2014 5:43 pm )