David Hine And Mark Stafford Launch The Bad Bad Place, For Meanwhile

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manMark Stafford is the guy who did the covers my Civil Wardrobe and all the Avengefuls books. Oh sure, some will look to his work on Cherubs, The Lovecraft Anthology and The Man Who Laughs, but for me he’ll always be the guy who drew this. I’ve always been a fan. You should be too.

David Hine you may know from his X-Men, Darkness, Storm Dogs, Batman work – he created the French Islamic Nightrunner who caused such a fuss and now seems to have been forgotten about. He also wrote and drew Strange Embrace decades ago – and wrote The Man Who Laughs with Mark Stafford.

And now they are teaming up again for a new graphic novel, The Bad Bad Place, to be serialised in the Meanwhile graphic anthology, joining the likes of Strangehaven, and published by the graphic-novel-publisher-one-hundred-metres-from-my-house, Soaring Penguin Press. I really should pop round sometime. So what’s their new comic about?

The series follows the sordid and mysterious history of Faraway Hills, a typical modern-built small town in middle-England, seemingly left deserted and abandoned by its citizens – apart from a madman.

The madman, the town’s former Town Crier, reveals story by story the various individuals that disappeared into a mysterious sprawling Victorian manor at the border of the town.

Alongside NoBrow, SelfMadeHero and Blank Slate, Soaring Penguin Press is one of a new breed of British graphic novel publishers emerging from, seemingly, nowhere and putting out excellent books. I have certainly got even more excited by Meanwhile than I already was before. And I really was…

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