Thor: The Dark World Review - Wednesday Trending Topics

Thor: The Dark World Review – Wednesday Trending Topics

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thor-the-dark-world-chris-hemsworth7Reviewer Michael Moran paints an intriguing picture of this one: The look of the film is luscious. The effects are quite brilliant. There are one or sequences that set the bar pretty high for anyone who might be, for example, making a Star Wars movie in the next year or two. This is, in my book, a better movie than the first Thor film.


Most-Read TV/Film Stories Wednesday:

Thor: The Dark World — The Bleeding Cool Review 

If you’ve read any other reviews of Marvel Studios films (or superhero flicks in general) that I’ve written for Bleeding Cool you’ll know that I love these things. And I wasn’t disappointed by Thor: The Dark World. There’s a wealth of Asgardian action, some affecting character beats, and a whole boatload of well-handled humour.

Evil Dead Remake Writer And Director No Longer Involved In The Sequel

The Evil Dead remake was very successful at the box office – with a worldwide gross of almost $100 million from a reported budget of $17 million – and work on a sequel was actually underway before that money even started rolling in.

Casting Roundup: Johnny Depp, Alec Baldwin, Crossbones, Arya Stark

Alec Baldwin gets Caught Stealing, Frank Grillo investigates A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island, Johnny Depp travels to London Fields and more in today’s roundup.

Most-Read Comic Stories Wednesday:

Twenty-Nine Thoughts About Twenty-Nine Comics – From The Pumpkin Seeds Of Adventure Time To Sandman Overture 

Hello My Little Ponies, from the twelfth issue of your ongoing series! Such a welcoming bright comic, and my daughter is in love with them all. Well, that was quite a day, yesterday. Felt a little like this from Wild Blue Yonder #3…

Is Sandman Overture A Babylon 5/Guardians Of The Galaxy Crossover? (Spoilers)

Okay, so today’s Sandman Overture #1 has this mega quadruple page fold-out spread. I’m not going to show it, not all anyway, but I am going to talk about it a little. If you haven’t yet read Sandman Overture #1 then put on your spoiler helm…

X-Men: Battle Of The Atom Homage Goes Back To The Very Beginning 

The Battle Of The Atom, the current X-Men crossover celebrating fifty years of the comic, has run a number of homages to the history of the comic. At its heart is the most legendary of comics Days Of Future Past, both in its use of time travel and the actions of Mystique’s son similar to those of Mastermind in the original. And by having both X-Men from the past and the future, it’s given the impression that X-Men will continue at least for another fifty years.


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