Twelve Thoughts About Twelve Comics

Uncanny Avengers #1 has the most bizarre, most ridiculous ending to any comic book this week. And no, I am not going to turn it. Not today anyway. Maybe tomorrow. If there’s time. But there is a time to mourn, a time to ruminate, a time to fight, and a time to stand in front of the setting sun and pose like it’s going out of fashion. Sugah.


In X-Men Consequences, not only do we see some actual tying in with continuity with Uncanny Avengers that works, but we see Cyclops’ fate. I really enjoyed the recent Osborn series set in a prison. There are parallels with calls for terrorists to be tried like normal prisoners in America, this comic may well play with that kind of narrative quite well.

Demon Knights gives us not only Lucifer and Hell, but also our first glimpse of the Black Diamond, appearing in all sorts of DC New 52 comics near you. 

Meanwhile in Phantom Stranger, and ten dollar’s in Dan DiDio’s No New Ideas jar, we get the devil again… but in a different form. The same devil? A different perspective?

While Fantastic Four also plays with the idea of devils. By making Doctor Doom, very literally God. How do you think he will do?

Meanwhile another three clips from other comic books make for another strange commentary.  

In Iron Man, Tony Stark coming to the same conclusion that fan fic fourteen year olds around the world have. Where are the several Chinese Avengers teams? What problems do they face on a monthly basis?


Team 7 makesa very valid point about the militarisation of superheroes, and how they could be artificially engineered, and what it would mean for world politics.

While, in Red She-Hulk, they actually go and do it. And old Red-Hips isn’t that happy about it…

They’ve been through a lot. In Avengers, they all get some kip. In their own, very individual ways. Tech, sex, alcohol and webbing…


And MacGyver is as predictable as ever. “We’ve captured MacGyver!” “Quick, lock him in the janitor’s closet!” “Kaboom!” Okay, not exactly that. But close.

Oh look, Kitty Pryde is starting her own country in Ultimate X-Men, Why do I think there may be many non-mutant volunteers suddenly rushing to join?

Time to get out the Doop translator folks, for Wolverine & The X-Men. Feels like it might be worth it…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

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