The Comics I Found At The Entertainment Media Show

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So that’s what I did today. Went to the Entertainment Media Show at London Olympia to see what was what. A film/TV/wrestler show, it also managed to have a fairly decent comic book contingent, and lots of natural light. Which was all the excuse I needed…

Chris Claremont in the place of his birth, and facing a tonne of X-Men comics to sign…

Steampunk fairytale author Alex Keller onsite to sign his Hay Wired novel.

Destiny Blue there, a chibli artist who will also be at NYCC next week…

Josh Clarke of The Nemals, as well as some very cute Avengers characters. Apparently Jonathan Ross owns the original of his Iron Man

Sara Childs of The Chronicles Of Gyzra.

Lewis Terry and Kayleigh Powis of Twin Sword Trading


Lee Townsend hard at work.

Liam Shalloo with a well timed Doctor Who image across the way from the Matt Smith queue.

Jack Lawrnece, ex of Lions, Tigers And Bears, currently working on Tinpot Hobo.

Hal Laren, from whom I pickjed up a copy of Trojan, a blue light space faring saga, sitting from on high.

Al Davison, taking advantage of the Doctor Who crowd. Who were at this moment, queuing for Matt Smith.

Dan Slott facing a mountain of Spider-Man to sign… as well as She Hulk and the odd Thing. But mostly Spider-Man. And telling no one what is in Amazing Spider-Man #700.

Lee Townsend showing off his own Marvel fare.

My daughter Eve meets her favourite writer.

Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn and Criag Charles are rather hapy with the new Red Dwarf it seems.

Bloody hell it’s Stephen Berkoff.

Vampire Free Style by Jenike Ioffreda, with a very engaging style.


I picked up the new Bearlands, featuring Zombie Bears from Subversive Comics

Which was next to Glory Be, an incredibly professional anthology of cartoons with a satirical Christian bent.

Sandwiched between the rather blasphemous Twisted Dark, also getting ready for NYCC. I picked up their third volume, with its rather blood splattered scissors cover.



Elemental Micah from Michael Georgiou, selling his slice of life and cartoony work, but also shoing of a very impressive comic to advertise a farmer’s maket. More on this later.



Rob Cureton or Orful Comics.


Possibly my biggest find of the show.  Amateur artist Sarah Jones whose work is so professional it hurt my eyes that she wasn;t being published by someone with a large budget to shove into her bank account….


One is a female chain smoking bounty hunter. The other is a failed wizard accidentally crowned the King Of Thieves. Together they fight crime in Widdershins by Kate Ashwin...


Orang Utan Comics with Ian Sharman and a big expectant grin.

My almost-neighbour Jonathan of Soaring Penguin debuting the quite extraordinary Little Death. You must track this down.

Oh yes, and my daughter Eve in heaven. This was the stuff I ended up with, and plenty of ideas for what to buy next. Why not pop by tomorrow and see what you can pick up?

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