A New Teen Titans Comic For 2013 And More At Las Vegas Comic Con

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Jason Bentley reported from the DC Nation Panel at Las Vegas Comic Con this weekend;

At the Las Vegas Comic Con – the second comic convention happening in Las Vegas this weekend – Scott Lobdell talked about a lot of things in the pipeline.

Principally it seems, his plans to spin off a second Teen Titans book starring Raven in a year’s time, towards the end of 2013. Teen Titans have been a relative success story in the New 52, and DC has been rewarding the titles that have performed well with new spinoff books, such as Justice League Of America, Talon and the as-yet-unannounced Man Of Steel.

Such a team, as well might also see the likes of Blue Beetle and Static join its ranks. And also might lead to a rush on the upcoming Phantom Stranger #1, which looks like it will feature the first appearance of Raven in the New 52…

However, this was very much Lobdell’s blue-sky version of what he would like to do with Teen Titans, and then told the crowd how he doesn’t like to plan so far ahead. Brian Buccellato called him on it.  “You say that you don’t plan ahead, but part of your planning ahead is that you don’t plan ahead?” Scott thought a moment and answered “yes” to laughter.

In the same panel we learnt that Flash writer Francis Manapul pitched a Wally West story but was turned down. That Lobdell was frustrated by The Culling crossover but promised that Hel On Earth will have greater creator control. Kyle Higgins confessed to similar issues with Nightwing. And that Starfire will keep her space commander costume in the Red Hood book, even though she’s no longer in space, the logic of which Scott Lobdell wasn’t a fan of.

That we should look out for a surprise guest appearance in I Vampire that the editors don’t know about yet. That at one point Blue Beetle would have been made a vampire, and that so would all the Flash’s Rogues, but they were both nixed. Lobdell and Joshua Fialkov both pitched Creeper without joy. JT Krul wanted to write The Question, but DC had other plans for the character. Fialkov wants Brother Power the Geek. But then again, don’t we all?

As for Bunker’s appearance in Teen Titans, as the line’s first openly gay male, Lobdell reported that DC asked that he “not be too gay.” Something Lobdell gleefully ignored.

There was also a really sweet moment on the panel.  When one of the panelists asked why Lobdell made Roy so “pathetic”, Scott pointed to Roy’s fooling around with a dead cat.  When Krul objected to that, Scott passed him the mike, to receive a spirited and passionate rationale for Roy melting down so hard during Cry For Justice (the loss of his daughter, and JT being able to relate as a father and just how far Roy would have fallen after losing Lian.

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