Ken Penders Stops Diamond From Distributing Sonic Collections

I’ve been asking Diamond about this for the last couple of days but they have pointedly refused to reply to my enquiries. Which, even for Diamond, is unusual.

Bleeding Cool has been following the legal case in which Ken Penders is suing Archie Comics and Sega for use of characters created when he wrote the Sonic The Hedgehog comics, and have now appeared in other comics and games as a result.

Now it seems he has scored his first hit, by preventing Diamond Comic Distributors from distributing the Knuckles Archive Volume 3 featuring his work, due to ship next month.

This might not attest to the validity of Penders’ arguments however. Diamond are notorious risk averse when it comes to legal matters, and have withdrawn some comics after receiving the most spurious cease and desist letters.

And while publishers, Archie Comics have an exclusive deal with Diamond Comic Distributors for comic book shops and the direct market, they are distributed in bookstores by Random House, who are much more likely to stand up to such legal posturing. Random House also distribute these collections to the likes of Amazon.

Two years ago, Archie Comics were stating that this issue had been kicked into touch and that Penders would not be making these claims again. Clearly that was not the case…


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