DC Execs Refuse To Deny Jim Lee / Scott Snyder Man Of Steel Rumours – And No More Before Watchmen Plans “Right Now”

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ICV2 interviewed Bob Wayne and John Cunningham of DC Comics, and asked them the question I was unable to get a response from DC over, regarding the rumoured Man Of Steel series Bleeding Cool first made mention of

Let me put on my fanboy hat and ask if you can confirm the rumors that Scott Snyder will be working on a Superman: Man of Steel comic in 2013 to take advantage of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie?

Wayne: I certainly won’t confirm that, but I will say that it is reasonable to assume that given the release of Man of Steel next summer, we will come up with a publishing program that will both augment and take advantage of that opportunity.

Cunningham: I think that (a Scott Snyder Superman series) would be great.  I’d read that.

As for Before Watchmen, Wayne stated;

Do you have any plans for publishing any more new Watchmen stories?

Wayne: There is no plan to do so right now.  We are looking forward to the conclusion of all these series and seeing how they all weave together and see what everybody’s opinion is of the whole thing when they see it all together as a whole organic story.

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