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Greg Capullo said today:“The more I’ve thought about the Joker leak, the more I began thinking that it may have been for the best. The fact is, the way Scott and I.. will give you the Joker may have been too much for some with out this diluted sample hitting the web. DC, rightly so, had concerns about- Our images and story. Perhaps they leaked this intentionally to test the waters or to acclimate your minds to what is coming from us.” Still, it was an interesting little glimpse, I think — though as some in the forum have agreed, probably more interesting to see it in context, if you can wait.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Did DC Spoil The Reveal Of Greg Capullo’s Joker Today?

After seeing DC’s previews for November Batman comics on the DC website, Greg Capullo writes on Twitter;

Joe Kubert Passes, Aged 85 

Co-creator of Sergeant Rock, Tor and Ragman, famed for recreating Hawkman, pursuing war comics, founder of the Kubert School, author of Fax from Sarajevo and father to Adam and Andy Kubert, Joe Kubert has passed away, aged 85.

Stephanie Brown Does Not Exist… Yet – Dan DiDio 

Much has been made of DC Comics’ seeming disdain for the Stephanie Brown character, whether Spoiler, Robin or Batgirl. But of late it’s been getting ridiculous, wiped from the New 52, ripped out of Batman Inc and recently removed from Smallville in the role of Nightwing, to the extent taht they even denied they’d announced she’d be in the book. And inspiring the Waffles For Stephanie campaign to bring the character back.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Details From The Robocop Remake Script May Deflate Your Excitement

I should imagine it could go without saying that an early look at a film’s screenplay can’t be taken as a clear indication of what a finished film is going to be like. Not with a high degree of definite certainty, anyway. A script is a step in the process and the film has yet to be filmed or edited at that stage, and things can change very, very dramatically during that ongoing development.

Expendables 3 To Feature Time Travel? Go To Mars? Stallone Drops Us A Hint…

Our monkey man Patrick Dane is fresh out of today’s The Expendables 2 junket and has been straight onto the mobile internet to send us a key quote from Sylvester Stallone. That’s how movie blogging works now, don’t you know?

First Trailer For The Transporter TV Series

Later this year, Cinemax will unveil their TV version of The Transporter. The original Europacorp movies starred Jason Statham in the title role of Frank Martin, driver for hire, but he’s been replaced by Chris Vance for the small screen spin-off.


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