Celebrating The Career Of Paul Ryan. In Comics.

Yesterday, it was announced that Mitt Romney had chosen US Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate for the 2012 Presidential Elections for the United States Of America.

Which instantly destroyed any chance of Paul Ryan, comic book artist, for being found on Google. This is an attempt to try and right that wrong, even if it’s rowing against the tide.

While I know I’ll have seen his work before, the first time I was consciously aware of him as an artist was with the launch of DP7, with Mark Gruenwald for Marvel Comics. A wonderful comic book, everything just seemed to gel together perfectly on that series, and on Quasar that followed it, and I was hooked. Paul had a classically clean style, but one that wasn’t too popular back then, and he tried to adapt himself to the Image Generation style on books like Fantastic Four, but it was an awkward fit for me. A very popular book under him and Tom DeFalco, I’d moved on. Oddly it would be the return of the Image creators to Marvel that would see him off Fantastic Four and move to DC Comics working on a number of their main books as well as the evangelical Left Behind series before he was headhunted for CrossGen, part of a series of recruiting moves that saw DC take CrossGen as seriously as a threat as Marvel.

But it was his work on the Phantom comic book that would set him up for his current role, as artist on the daily Phantom comic strip, for the last seven years. with stints on the Sunday strip as well. Here it seems he has come into his own, a richer and more luxurious style that is less tempered by the effects of Marvel or DC editorial with a greater infleunce from Europe.

Not something you could say about Representative Paul Ryan’s plans for healthcare, certainly.

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