Black Kiss 2 To Be Released By UK Customs And To Ship To Stores Next Week

Posted by August 2, 2012 Comment

This week, Black Kiss 2 was being held by UK Customs. Some were fearing a long drawn out and expensive court case, as experienced during the eighties and nineties.

Not a bit of it. The comic book has been released to be distributed to retailers, with the proviso that they be informed not to sell the comic book to minors.

Which, let’s face it, none of them were going to do anyway. Seriously, have you read it?

Is this a new age of enlightenment for UK Customs? Have the censorhip battles been won?

I was in the pub with a bunch of comic creators and one prominent artist currently working for DC Comics was very pleased to hear the news as he has his own comic project planned that may involve a certain amount of explicit horizontal jogging. For story purposes, of course.

The other side effect of the decision is that UK retailers I’ve spoken to have registered increased interest in the comic from their customers and expect an instant sellout next Wednesday.

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