A Comic Show – Tomorrow’s Comics Today


Aaron Haaland writes about tomorrow’s comics today;

Hey Fandom! Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder are such good friends that they had to team up Animal Man and Swamp Thing! You didn’t know these two go way back to when they created Vertigo comics together in high school?
AvX #9 was on fire. Hawkeye is the underdog, I get it! Earth 2 is actually a lot of fun once you get past all the hype. Beasts of Burden is worth every penny! The best book being published for cute dark humor, they won an Eisner for that I think.
And check out the comic Mysteryman, it’s not distroed by Diamond, but finer stores have it. The concept it genius and the execution is perfect. A disgraced actor wrongly blacklist as a communist puts on a mask to win back the love of the public just to remove the mask and reclaim his life! Yes plz!

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