Amazing Spider-Man Across The Decades By Marcos Martin

Amazing Spider-Man Across The Decades By Marcos Martin

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Here are Marcos Martin’s Spider-Man Through The Decades variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man #692, designated the fiftieth anniversary issue of the title. That’s the original Spider-bite, the death of Gwen Stacy, the symbiote costume that would become Venom, the Clone Saga and the New Avengers.

BuzzFeed chats to Steve Wacker about the 50th anniversary andissue 700, who also gives them the introduction text from that issue by Dan Slott.

Great power.
Great responsibility.
A teen outcast.
All the elements of a modern day myth in the making, right?
Well, think again, True Believer. Because this is an all-new tale for the telling.
And while this may be Midtown High, THIS young man is NO Peter Parker.
His name’s ANDY MAGUIRE. And, for the moment, this is HIS story.
Things you should know about him:
His mom, ALICE? Not the most hands-on parent.
His dad, RAY? Not much better.
And the Faculty at Midtown High… didn’t really know what to do with him either.
Andy Maguire isn’t REALLY the kind of kid who stands out that much.
And there’s a reason for that.
Standing out means taking a risk. Leaving yourself open to fail.
You see, for Andy, though he’d never admit it, NOT failing is good enough.
And THAT’S why he’s no Peter Parker.
Why he’s not a nerd. Jock. Band geek. Poser. Stoner. Or much of ANYTHING, good or bad. He’s just… THERE.
But all that’s about to change…

Here are few more Spider-Anniversary variant covers to join the other ones from this year, from Venom and Avengers Vs X-Men.

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