Friday Trending Topics: Dave Gibbons Discussing Before Watchmen

Friday Trending Topics: Dave Gibbons Discussing Before Watchmen

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Dave Gibbons discussing Before Watchmen and more: “I didn’t have a lot of input in it. To me anything to do with the movies – as far as I’m concerned, what Alan and I did was the Watchmen graphic novel and a couple of illustrations that came out at the same time. Everything else – the movie, the game, the [laugh] prequels – are really not canon. They’re subsidiary. They’re not really Watchmen. They’re just something different.”

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Marvel Cancels Thanos: Son Of Titan Mini-Series

No postponement, no “will be resolicited at a later date”, just pure out-and-out cancellation, as the Marvel Previews containing the solicitation only reached the store this week. That doesn’t smack of a late creative team, or lower than expected sales, it feels like something bigger.

Dave Gibbons Dismisses Before Watchmen As “Really Not Canon”

This is Dave Gibbons first comment on Before Watchmen since his words quoted in the DC Press Release that, even then, seemed rather awkwardly – or rather precisely – chosen, so as not to give them any real blessing.

Believe… In Superheroes 

It began with Superman inspirational poster by Canadian illustrator Kerrith Johnson, playing off of the famous Superman: The Motion Picture tagline.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

What?! Not Even Selina Kyle Knew Where The Joker Was During The Dark Knight Rises?!

What happened to The Joker after The Dark Knight, and before Rises? Though not even Selina Kyle knows quite where he was (gasp!) I know a man who does.

Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr. Bean Does Chariots Of Fire’ Routine From The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Rowan Atkinson is a very talented comedian, and he does do a great job here. It would be unfair to say otherwise. Just don’t expect Blackadder III.

The Yurts Are Gonna Get It In Thor 2 

Not all of Thor 2: The Dark World is going to take place underground, or for that matter, in the dark.


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